Kymdan Lounge Suite

Sofa Kymdan

Quality defines the true luxury and class of a product. Kymdan lounges are the perfect example of luxury and class. Made from Kymdan natural latex foam, combined with simple but sophisticated contemporary designs, a Kymdan lounge suite will elevate any interior space.

Characteristics of Kymdan Lounge Suites:  

  • ​The latex foam used in Kymdan lounge suites is made from Kymdan natural latex foam material, which is highly durable, ventilated, elastic, and resistant to compression and sagging.
  • Frames are made from the highest quality timbers (termite treated and stabilized wood that can withstand the humidity of Vietnam’s climate) and are imported from the United States with specified origin (no wood from natural forests is used).
  • Frame surface is covered with PU paint that is resistant to scratch, highly lustrous, color enhancing, and retains the beauty of wood veins.
  • Our lounges feature a layer of Kymdan natural latex foam to provide plush seating for better comfort and are upholstered using high quality materials (upholstery fabric Premium or Vinyl) to enhance the design of the product.
  • The cover materials (Vinyl or Upholstery fabric Premium) are available in a variety of colors and meet safety standards for the users. These materials feature the following benefits:
    • Vinyl material: is highly water-resistant and easy to clean. It also meets OEKO Tex Standard 100 which is safe to use (this product does not contain any chemicals and harmful substances such as Formaldehyde, Azo dye, heavy metal, and banned hazardous chemicals that can cause carcinogens…).
    • Upholstery fabric Premium material: made from high-quality material, has been treated with anti-stain technology helping to keep your product clean during use. The technology-treated material remains safe to use. Durable fabric that has a high color fastness and is especially fire retardant.

All lounge suites and sofas are designed and produced by Kymdan and registered for design protection with the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.  Kymdan lounge suites and sofas are not mimics of any other design available on the market.

10 year warranty for the wood frame and 15 year warranty for the natural latex foam.

The advantage of Kymdan Lounge Suites